Madrid Nightlife

City Night Life

Madrid is a great place to spend some time if your looking for some up beat party time. The city has every kind of entertainment, street cafes for early evening, lively tapas bars for food on the move, chill out bars, up tempo Music bars and of course the one in every town in the world Irish bars. As the night gets late a number of clubs are ready to keep you partying till the early hours.

An easy way to see the bright lights is to book onto one of the Madrid Night life Tours, there are many different options and it gives you a quick insite to whats going on with no worries about getting from one to another. Then next night go back to check out your favorite spots.

Some of the best nightlife areas to head for are Plaza Santa Anna, La Latina and Malasana. Cueca is the main Gay area but is very trendy and popular with many MIXED bars also in the area.

Whatever your looking for it can be found in this round the clock city, great restaurants, lively bars and some amazing clubs. Madrid will not disappoint.